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The last 5 years  we have offered these trainer internships via  word of mouth only . With all the interest they have generated we felt it was time to put a page up publicly on just what these trainer internships and entail.

The program is for those  folks  interested in learning  our training methods and applications here on the ranch.

Note: We do not use production training and/or mechanical manipulation techniques  at this facility.
We teach horses here, not break them, but do fix them, it's more than just a figure of speech.

 These internships are open to folks that are professionals in that they currently train for clients, for those training their personal horses , raising and training horses in their own breeding programs or those seeking to become professional  trainers. It is for the serious students only.  This is not a form of entertainment but real work and hard work in teaching  horses , running a ranch and this kind of business on a daily basis.

Participants in this program would be working side by side with Elizabeth Graves on a daily basis with each horse, not training horses alone.

We do get gaited and non-gaited breeds in  for training and utilize full array of disciplines at this facility.

You will not be expected to work with horses that may be dangerous beyond your current capabilities as we do a large number of varying level of rehabilitation horses here. We also have limits on what we will take in with these type horses anymore. Participants will be expected to be in an observation  basis though  receiving  explanations as to  the work  being applied to these types of horses.

 *Information on this can be found on our training page.

This program not only entails the teaching of horses but to a student trainers personal needs, such as marketing, book keeping, client relations, human psychology in this business, horse care and psychology,  learning Bio-mechanics and equine locomotion, saddles fitting , bitting/bitless applications, teaching applications for the rider, horsemanship history's and philosophies.

All participant  are required to wear a safety helmet  as Elizabeth does while astride any horse.
You may bring your own or we also can provide them for use.
We also recommend bring writing material for any notes taken, no fee for copy's of material provided to students.

No filming allowed, but still photos are welcome.


$1000.00 dollars for 7 days, 7 day minimum

Maximum days limited to dates available.

$100.00  booking fee to hold  reservation , non-refundable.

This booking fee will be deducted from the  payment in full due upon arrival to facility.

Payments accepted with check , cash or credit card via PayPal.

Dates available:

We now offer internships Year round.

We only accept 2  training interns at one time.


Interns are responsible for their own housing.
Camper hookups and tent sites are available on site free of charge.

Motels are available in town 2.4 miles from the ranch and we can provide pick up and drop offs daily to and from motels.

*Spring Valley Super 8 :  507- 346-7788


Interns must also provide  their own meals , we do have a refrigerator/ freezer, microwave, and coffee pot available in our heated barn office.

Many restaurants, bakery, butcher shop and grocery store also in town.

Spring Valley is a small town with lots of retailers being an active farm community.

Free unlimited long distance available within the US from Barn office phone.

 Free WI FI available for your own internet devises.


We can pick up and drop off from Rochester MN airport, which is 30 minutes from the ranch.

Airport code: RST

Car Rental:

Many car rental companies available at the airport for those needing or wanting  a car

Personal Horse Program:

We also offer an option for interns to bring their own horses to be added  to their daily  training program working with Elizabeth.

Please call for fee's and accommodations if this addition is desired.

All participants and visitors will be required to sign a liability release  to be on ranch premises.

For any questions please call (612) 201-4954

Or e-mail: liz@lizgraves.org

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