Liz Graves and eher Tennesee walking horses

Our Friends On The Ranch

We though it would be fun to share some of our specials friends that also live with us on the ranch.  They are what make our home so special to us in sharing our lives with them. They will each pass in time but it is an honor everyday in which we have them to share the days and years with. Those of you that know me, as a gaited horses person will find below, yes I also own quaterhorses as well as my gaited horses, always have and probably always will. Oh what a glorious earth is it to give us the gift of other creatures to share this planet.

Liz in Daves Lap
David & Elizabeth, their human friends and caregivers.

Danny's Sly fox (Sly)

pretty boy floyd
Rocky Mountain
Pretty Boy Floyd

Mainly Manson ( Pac Man)

Gordon Setter

Doc Holly Golly "Scott" --The gentleman stallion
Passed October 25th 2010

Hi- Hats Bubba --So many years together
Passed June 10, 2009

Candy Cow Cody "Lassie"--The kindest of mares and girls together

Regal's Lunar Express "Major"-- The joyful worker

Aprils Super Man-- She gave us her trust, what a gift from her

Perfectin's Gold Stryke "Stryker"---The world is one big toy & adventure

"Doll"-- Life is now reasonable and she has peace with us.
Passed June 10, 2009

Doodle Annie "Doodles"--The Baby and last Daughter of Scott

Shades Of Marshal Dillon " Marshal"--Takes his job serious of being sure no one has a bad day
 Passed 2-11-09

Sigmund--Our in house physiatrist. He's not fat, he's buff!
Passed April 5th  2010

Tony--The new kid who's made us all younger

Duker dog

Duker Dog

Duke--The best working dog I've ever had, now retired to his over stuffed chair and T.V.
It is with a heavy heart to the hundreds of friends which "Duker Dog"
made  through the years,  to announce his passing on 12-03-2007

Quacky Duck

Quacky Duck

Pkin--Who denies he's a duck still taking baths in the tub
  Passed 11-2502009

Sam teh lizard
Sammy---The Chinese Water Dragon, Dave calls this photo " Lizard on my mind

 Passed 3-14-09

More to come....