About elizabeth Graves

Elizabeth Graves

Among her credits are:

  • Over 30 years as a multi-licensed and Breed Judge throughout the United   States and Canada.
  • A Nationally renowned Standard of excellence in the show ring as an exhibitor.
  • Developed Judges Education, testing and licensing programs.
  • Popular, Invited Clinician at events such as Equine Affair OH, CA, MA, , Horse World Expo, Expo's, and Horse Fairs throughout the USA. 
  • Shades of Oak/ Elizabeth Graves LLC - 14377 Poppy Drive - Spring Valley, MN 55975.
  • Owner and  manager- providing services of trainer, Internationally  renown clinician, judge, consultant, lessons, writing for national publications, video productions 
  • Lizer Design's - Spring Valley, MN.  Owner and manager of a designing, manufacturing and retail business specializing in equine related products. 
  • Walnut Creek Farm - Raphine, VA. 1978-1995. Co-owner, Establishing a full time all breeds horse training, show, breeding and sales facility. Judge and clinician.


  • Blue Ridge Community College, VA 1988-1992. Equine management, equinereproduction,Advanced equine management, Equine handling, Horse health, Foal  and yearling management. 3.83 GPA

  • Mary Baldwin Collage, Staunton , VA. Human Psychology and Public speaking courses.Stanton School Of
  • Stanton School Of Cosmetology Graduate

Continuing Education

  • Virginia Technical College, VA. - Detecting Equine Lameness, Treatments, Corrective Shoeing procedures.
  • Westwood Animal Clinic Workshops - Foal Management, Equine Management

  • Dr Scott Sleighbaugh DMV, Workshops - Equine lameness, Colic workshop
  • Joe Struby Riding Instructor Educational  Clinics
  • North Carolina Open Show Judges Certification Clinics

  • 2001 RMHA Judges Clinic

  • Alternative Therapies Internship 1999
    With Bonnie Labuda
    Kimball, MN
    These are  all therapies used within our equine
    training program by Elizabeth Graves Equine/Canine Acupressure

    Equine/ Canine Message
    Aroma Therapy
    Magnetic Therapy
    Bach Flower Essence Therapies
    Moxibustion Herb Therapy

  • Continue to attend a wide variety of seminars and clinics

Credentials, Licensures and Certifications

Current :

  • Joe Struby, Riding Instructor
  • I.B. Hoofinit, Horsemanship Instructor
  • Gaited Curly Horse Assoc. Gait Inspector
  • Amateur Elephant trainer certificater

Non Current:

  • Heart of America Walking horse Assoc., Flat shod judge all gaited Breeds. Non Current since 2010

  • IPWHA. Judge 1992-1995
  • IPWHA Judging program Vice President 1992-1995
  • IPWHA Versatility Program Director 1994
  • IPWHA Gait and Conformation program Director 1992-1995
  • IPWHA Show committee Member 1990 - 1992
  • IPWHA Rule Book committee member 1990-1992
  • RMHA Senior Judge
  • World Side Saddle Federation, Judge , instructor, regional representative.
  • North Carolina Open Horse Show  Assoc. Certified Judge
  • National Plantation Walking horse Assoc. Judge
  • Minnesota 4-H Assoc. Judge
  • Spotted Saddle Horse Breeds and Exhibitors Assoc.  Master Judge
  • Ponies of America Assoc. Judge
  • Walking Horse Trainers Assoc. Licensed Trainer
  • Virginia State Licensed Cosmetologist
  • Virginia State Cosmetology Certified Instructor
  • UKC Licensed Master of Hounds
  • UKC Licensed Bench Show Judge
  • Publications:

    • Plantation Walking Horse Gait and Conformation Standards, Copy write 1993
    • Adopted Standards by clubs and Assoc. of the time in USA and Canada

    Articles in:

    • Gaited Horse Magazine
    • Paso Fino World News
    • Aside World Magazine
    • IPWH News
    • North American Walker Magazine
    • Plantation Exclusive Magazine
    • Western Horseman
    • Various Breed assoc. News letters;
    • Many Gaited Horse Related web sites
    • MN Trail Riders Assoc. NL
    • Trail Rider Magazine
    • Valley Equestrian  New Paper
    • Icelandic Horse Connection Booklet
    • Fox Trotter Free Press
    • Fox Trotter Journal

    Other Media

    • "Gathering of Gaits" Videos
    • "Icelandic Horse Gathering" Videos
    • "Gaited Horse Structure as it Related to Gait" Videos
    • "Icelandic Horse Gathering" CD
    • A Bit About Bits" DVD


  • Have conducted over  723 all Breed Gaited Horse Clinics since 1990 throughout the USA and Canada.
  • Have conducted a multitude of Non-Breed Gaited Clinics , seminars of various topics and Side saddle clinics since 1990.
  • Have judged over 150 Gaited and Non-Gaited horse shows since 1982, totaling over 28,000 entries.
  • Have shown various Gaited breeds since 1978 on a local, state, regional and National levels acquiring championships at all levels. Shown  Non-gaited breeds since 1965


    LizGrave and Lee Ziegler judging


    Liz & Purple Pony Skin 1969

    Liz & Walter Dammit Pedro 1971
    Mid-State Riders Show, Cambridge, MN
    T& B Tack Shop show grounds

    Liz & Walters Dammit Pedro
    Bootjack Saddle Club Queen 1971
    Sugar Hills Show,  MN

    Shades Of Oak/Elizabeth Graves LLC

    14377 Poppy Drive
    Spring Valley, MN 55974

    Elizabeth has devoted most of her life to working not only with horses,

    which is her first love, ut with all animals. She has a multi-talented,

    highly energetic, creative personality, striving to share her

    knowledge and experience with all who desire to learn.

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