Hi-Hats Bubba

The Brief History Of A Naturally Gaited Tennessee Walking Horse
By Elizabeth Graves 2004

Hi-Hat Bubba
Passed June 10, 2009

Bubba has been a life partner like no other these past 20 plus years .  For me he is that special equine partner that all horse lovers dream of. A true friend that I have shared life's Journey with.  We have shared life's hardships, pain, loss, success and joy.  Through all of life's lessons we have had each other to lean on taking away life's loneliness 

Bubba entered my life some 20 years ago as an un-started, growthy, out of proportion 2 year old. He was born in the state in Virginia on a farm located in the beautiful Shenandoah Valley.His breeder did not  see much value in him as a performance horse prospect. I saw a different picture. Bubbas well balanced conformation made him ideal to become a versatility horse. More importantly when I looked into his eye I saw a horse with an outstanding sensibility and willing disposition characteristics, which are paramount in an equine partner. 

Bubba Saddle seat
Bubba Side-Saddle
I knew to be successful with Bubba I would need to condition his body as though he were an Olympic athlete. But more importantly I would need to keep the spark I saw in his eye burning bright. Our training sessions became a time of great joy for both of us.  I did much of Bubbas training on the trail with real life obstacles, which helped to keep his mind engaged. For both of us life became a giant playpen. 
Bubba and Liz with the quilt Bubba built, and 
 Peter Stone Horse Company Model release of
Bubba winter 2004

Pole Bending

Timed Jumping Event

 Bubba has had a hugely successful show career with many world, national and state titles to his credit in a multitude of versatile events, from rail classes, jumping, reining, gymkhana events to team penning, etc. Bubba loved showing and to this day if he sees an open trailer he climbs right in.  As much as Bubba loved the spot light and the attention the show ring brought, the trail riding is still his favorite pass time. Even to this very day, heading back home he does the opposite of many horses and does not increase his speed or energy but actually takes on a snails pace when heading in.

Taking a Trail Break 2004

    Bubba still leads a moderaly active life and when I am not traveling he is still teaching others through lessons from youths to adults. When I can sneak away, he and I head for hills and ride the trails where we renew our youth.  What a great adventure it has been! Bubba has always given more than a 100 percent of himself. I am grateful for how forgiving he has always been of my mistakes. In the challenging world of horse training one learns that to be a great trainer you have to become a student of the horse. I could not have had a better master than Bubba.

    It's a glorious gift I have been given in this horse.  Never take one precious moment for granted and most of all: 

Live well, Laugh often, Love much. 


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